• Understanding Options Counseling Experiences

    Groundbreaking report from DAI and The University of Texas at Arlington reveal the need for best practice guidelines in options counseling for expectant parents.
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  • Openness in Adoption: What a Concept!

    This three-part online curriculum is intended for parents who are exploring or considering openness in adoption, and professionals who provide services in this area.
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  • Adoption in America Today

    Education and awareness will fuel the needed changes in policy and practice in adoption and foster care. To learn more and make a difference, visit and share our SlideShare today.
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  • Building Strong Families

    In adoption, we can strengthen families by making sure they have access to quality post-adoption services they need and deserve. Stay informed on updates in policy, research and resources on our Building Strong Families website.
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  • Guest Bloggers Wanted

    DAI is looking for dynamic guest bloggers to contribute insightful and educational pieces on adoption and foster care adoption for our blog. We’re interested in topics including openness in adoption and the modern family experience.
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