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Indian Child Welfare Act: One Family’s Journey Along the Adoption Trail

Indian Country Today - 04/24/2017

This article was first published in Indian Country Today. The Indian Child Welfare Act has taken a beating in the mainstream press lately. It is often portrayed as an obscure, frivolous law of ill-service to the…

LGBT families under attack: Alabama law would make it legal to stop same-sex couples from adopting

Salon - 04/24/2017

This article was first published on “It’s hard to see this is anything but animus towards LGBT families, but the bill could have a greater effect than that,” said Randall Marshall, the legal director for…

Adoption Is A Feminist Issue, But Not For The Reasons You Think

The Establishment - 04/19/2017

Mainstream feminism — feminism by and for middle and upper-middle-class white women — has historically gotten behind adoption.

Race, Journalism and Child Welfare: The Double Standards Run Deep

Chronical of Social Change - 04/19/2017

Everyone – or at least everyone on the political left – would agree: Racial bias is part of every aspect of American life. Everyone, that is, except those liberals who keep insisting that one field is magically exempt: child welfare.

Who Is Responsible for the Decline in International Adoptions?

Light of Day Stories - 04/18/2017

A whole lot of work needs to be done, by a whole lot of folks (State Department, Office of Children’s Issues, adoption agencies, adoptive parents, state and federal legislators, international governments) if international adoption is going to continue in any meaningful way.

Alabama Senate Passes Anti-LGBTQ Bill; HRC Alabama Calls on Governor Ivey To Reject It

Human Rights Campaign - 04/18/2017

Today, HRC denounced the Alabama State Senate and Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh for passing the anti-LGBTQ H.B. 24.

When will an adoptee in Florida have access to an original birth certificate? - 04/17/2017

Despite the trend of many other states loosening their rules, according to the Donaldson Adoption Institute, Florida is still in the minority and lumped in with 20 other states and the District of Columbia that provide no access for adoptees to obtain their OBCs without an order from a judge.

Adoption Fairness Bill: Bipartisan Legislation for Tribal Special Needs Children

Indian Country Today - 04/16/2017

According to a joint release by the Senator’s and Representatives’ offices, the bill would enable parents, that are adopting special needs children through tribal governments to claim a full adoption tax credit, just as they could through states.

Overseas Adoptions by Americans Continue to Decline

New York Times - 04/14/2017

This article was originally published in the New York Times. They are among thousands of Americans whose hopes of becoming parents through overseas adoption are on hold as the number of eligible children dwindles. Overseas adoptions…

Proposed Legislation May Give Adult Adoptees Birth Parents’ Names

Spectrum News - 04/13/2017

In Texas, not all adopted children have access to their original birth certificate, which could leave them in the dark regarding their family history. That mean adoptees might not know things ranging from their genealogy to family medical problems. But that could soon be changing. Two bills being debated in the House and Senate would make it easier for adopted adults to access their birth records, including a birth certificate with their biological parents’ names once they turn 18.