Assisted Reproductive Technology

Adoption in America Today: The Good, the Bad, and a Path to Reform

This presentation outlines key issues and The Donaldson Adoption Institute's vision of a path to much-needed reform.

Author: The Donaldson Adoption Institute

Published: July 2016

Old Lessons for a New World: Applying Adoption Research and Experience to Assisted Reproductive Technology

This report suggests that the knowledge derived from adoption-related research and experience can be used to improve policy and practice in the world of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) such as sperm, egg and embryo "donations." It identifies several areas in which adoption's lessons could be applied, including secrecy and the withholding of information; a focus on the best interests of children; the impact of market forces; and legal and regulatory frameworks to inform standards and procedures.

Author: Naomi Cahn 

Published: February 2009