First/Birth Parents

Options Counselling Report Cover
Understanding Options Counseling Experiences in Adoption: A Quantitative Analysis of First/Birth Parents and Professionals

The primary objective of this study is to understand the decision-making experiences of women who have relinquished their parental rights to adoption within the past 25 years, as well as the context in which options surrounding crisis pregnancies are discussed with expectant parents by professionals in the adoption community. A variety of key best practice recommendations conclude this study.

Author: Elissa Madden, Scott Ryan, Donna Aguiniga and Marcus Crawford

Published: November 2016

Safeguarding the Rights and Well-Being of Birthparents in the Adoption Process

This study represents the most thorough, intensive and sophisticated effort to date to understand contemporary infant adoption, particularly as it relates to the least-understood and most-stigmatized participants in the process: the women and men usually termed "birthparents."

Author: Susan Smith

Published: November 2006