Diversity in Adoptive Families

To inform best practices in providing services and support to families, DAI is examining pre­ and post­ adoption education and support, parental beliefs and attitudes – as well as children’s characteristics and adjustment – in a…

Safeguarding the Rights and Well­Being of Birthparents II

This nascent study, on best practices in options counseling for pregnant women considering adoption for their children, is part of our ongoing research and advocacy on the issues and concerns that matter most to birth parents….

Adoption Clubhouse: Positive Identity Formation for Transracially Adopted Children

Building on two of our previous studies – “Beyond Culture Camp” and “Finding Families for African American Children,” Adoption Clubhouse focuses on promoting positive identity in children adopted across race and culture. This curriculum, created in…

Open Adoption: What a Concept

DAI is completing a curriculum on adoption openness that seeks to promote positive identity in adopted children.

A Family for Life: Facilitating Adoptions of Children in Care

We are in the process of completing a book­ length compendium for release in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada, in partnership with the British Association for Adoption and Fostering. In this ambitious publication, we…