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April Dinwoodie, Chief Executive

Hollee McGinnis, Policy Director
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NEW YORK, June 7, 2005 – The board and staff of the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute are proud to announce that our Executive Director, Adam Pertman, has received the 2005 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Florida Adoption Council. He was presented with the award after delivering the keynote address at the Council’s annual Law and Policy conference in Tampa on June 3.

“Very few individuals anywhere are doing as much as Adam to instigate positive changes in adoption or having as big an impact on improving policies and practices. And, under his leadership, no organization is working harder to help kids and families than the Donaldson Adoption Institute,” said Susan Stockham, a council officer who presented the honor. “He has earned this recognition many times over.”

Pertman, the father of two by adoption and author of the acclaimed book “Adoption Nation,” said he was “honored and delighted” by the award. “More than anything, it inspires me to keep working as hard as I know how to improve the world for my children – and for all the millions of others like them,” he said.

The Adoption Institute is the pre-eminent policy, research and education organization in its field; because it is independent and nonpartisan, it is a trusted source of accurate, unbiased information for journalists, researchers and policymakers. Its unique programs include Educate the Media and Educate the Educators. Its current projects include ones to: eliminate the barriers preventing foster children from getting permanent, loving homes; improve intercountry adoption and better understand identity issues for children adopted from abroad; enhance understanding about and practices relating to birth parents; and deal more effectively with key issues such as infant abandonment and new reproductive technologies.

Pertman has won wide recognition for his work, including a Pulitzer Prize nomination for his writing about adoption in the Boston Globe and major awards from organizations including the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists, the U.S. Congressional Coalition on Adoption, the American Adoption Congress, the African-American Council of Virginia, Holt International Children’s Services, and the Dave Thomas Center for Adoption Law. His book, “Adoption Nation: How the Adoption Revolution is Transforming America,” has been reviewed as “the most important ever written on the subject.”

The inscription on the Lifetime Achievement Award to Pertman from the Florida Adoption Council reads: “In recognition of his lifetime dedication to improving adoption laws and practices, and his compassion for the children and parents whose lives are touched by adoption.”

Pertman lectures throughout the country and abroad, and his commentaries on adoption, foster care and families have appeared in major print and broadcast media nationwide. His email address is and his phone numbers are 617-332-8944 (o) and 617-763-0134 (c). The Adoption Institute’s award-winning website is