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Initiative Focuses on Providing Information, Education and Advocacy for Post-Adoption Support


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New York, NY, August 18, 2016 — Today, The Donaldson Adoption Institute (DAI) in partnership with the Adoptive and Foster Family Coalition of New York (AFFCNY) launched a new initiative to provide education and advocacy surrounding the need for post-adoption support. “Building Strong Families: Advancing Post-Adoption Services” includes a new website platform focused on post-adoption support services including information on advocacy efforts to ensure these services are accessible and appropriately funded.

Through collaboration with AFFCNY, “Building Strong Families” will seek to impact advocacy efforts to advance access to quality and streamlined post-adoption services. The “Building Strong Families” website will provide information and updates on these efforts, advocacy tools to advance efforts in your state, as well as other resources and information about the need for post-adoption services.

It is critical that families that come together through adoption are afforded the tools and resources necessary to thrive. Like any complex family structure, adoptive families may experience the need for additional supports at various junctures throughout this lifelong journey. Too often though, families are met with a lack of affordable, accessible or adoption-competent services. In the wake of these times of stress, children’s needs may not be met and families may experience further disruptions. “Building Strong Families” is an initiative that seeks to fill the gap in services by advocating for funding and providing resources, tools and education that keep kids and families strong.

“Adoption Support Services is one of DAI’s pillars because we believe that under the best of circumstances, maintaining healthy family connections is challenging and requires preparedness, thoughtfulness and patience,” said April Dinwoodie, DAI Chief Executive. “For everyone in the adoption and foster care adoption communities, navigating this journey can be even more challenging. Access to quality post-adoption services is critical so families can thrive and children can have all they need and deserve. Strong families build strong communities and strong communities make a better world for all of us.”

“We are very pleased to partner with The Donaldson Adoption Institute on this initiative,” says Richard Heyl de Ortiz, AFFCNY Executive Director. “The common belief is that adoption is the end of the story. This is far from the truth. Adoption is significant and powerful. It changes the lives of children and families, but the reality is that adoption is just part of the journey. Families need access to adoption-competent services when and how they need them. New York is just beginning the process of ensuring statewide access to post-adoption services and I hope, through the ‘Building Strong Families’ initiative, we can share our progress and learn from others around the country.”

The “Building Strong Families” project was initially funded by the Freddie Mac Foundation. For more information on “Building Strong Families,” visit


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