The Adoption Institute’s research, education and policy action is directed to:

  • Eliminate Barriers to Adoption for Children in Need of Families
  • Enhance Post-Adoption Services
  • Promote Ethical and Equitable Adoption Policies and Practices


Research and Practice

The overriding purpose of the Institute’s research and practice efforts is to improve the lives of children who need permanent, nurturing families, increase the number of those who live in such families, and enhance the lives and treatment of members of birth and adoptive families by: conducting, synthesizing and analyzing research; developing best practices and effective, ethical solutions for those affected; and disseminating the acquired knowledge and implementing changes that put it into practice.

Education, Policy and Advocacy

An integral part of the Institute’s strategic plan for all of its research and projects is to conduct education and advocacy initiatives that utilize research findings to improve laws and policies, as well as inform those touched by adoption, practitioners, the public, and the media with reliable, unbiased information. Toward those ends, the Institute writes issue briefs, submits testimony to Congress and state legislatures; gives dozens of keynotes, trainings and other presentations across the country; joins amicus briefs submitted in federal court cases; provides expert testimony in cases; hosts webinars; disseminates information through our website, which boasts tens of thousands of visits a month; and publishes a monthly newsletter read by thousands.