Widely recognized as a leading authority on issues related to adoption, DAI was often featured in major media outlets. Listed below are those highlighted moments.

TRT World

The international adoption rate has plummeted in the US



Author: Jessaca Leinaweaver

The explicit message of the new report is that when adoptive parents behave unethically or fail to comply with promises – even if it’s just a few of them – authorities in countries around the world become reluctant to place more children in adoptive families in the US. In the short term, parents whose post-adoption reports are overdue owe it to their children’s countries of origin to let them know the kids are alright. In the big picture, America must become a better place to raise children – for the children who come here through international adoption, and for all the others too. Read more

Philly Daily News

In death, Phillip Clay finally returns to U.S. legally



Author: Jason Nark

“In death, Phillip Clay did what he couldn’t do in life,” said the man, John Compton. “He entered the U.S. legally.” Clay was just 8 when a Philadelphia couple adopted him in 1983 from Eunpyeong Orphanage in South Korea. As an adult, he struggled with mental illness. He had repeated run-ins with the law and was a notorious bicycle thief. In 2012, he was deported back to South Korea because of his criminal record. He knew no one there and decades earlier had lost the language. Read more

The Huffington Post

Couple To Adopt 7 Foster Siblings Who Were Split Among 4 Homes



Author: Emily McCombs

In November 2016, DaShoan, a high-school math teacher, and Sofia, a social worker, saw a local news story about seven siblings who had been divided among four different foster homes. “Seeing their story was an eye-opener for us,” Sofia told HuffPost. “We have always wanted children but it never happened for us. Here was our chance to give seven innocent children the love of parents and stability together with their brothers and sisters. Also, it would fulfill our lifelong dream of being a mother and father.” Read more


PA Representative Smucker pushes for more family adoptions



Author: Drew Petrimoulx

A Pennsylvania lawmaker is pushing legislation aimed at allowing more relatives to adopt children who are taken into state custody. Frustrated family members in Arkansas let their feelings be heard. "I'm perfectly able, perfectly capable, of taking care of my grandchildren." They say State Child Welfare Officials are blocking them from adopting children from relatives. Alabama Congresswoman, Terri Sewell, says the roadblocks are a nationwide problem. "We want to encourage more relatives and family members to be engaged with the lives of our foster care," says Sewell. Read more

The Huffington Post

It’s NOT Okay To Mock Adopted People, Even When Taunting Trump



Author: Angela Barra

I was teased as a child for being adopted and as an adult (e.g., your adopted parents couldn’t love you as much as their real child); discriminated against (e.g., I was not allowed access to my original birth certificate; I was ridiculed when I applied for my Italian passport and subsequently I do not have this whereas my brother (my adopted parents’ biological child) was able to obtain this; a boyfriend told me he would never be able to marry me because I was adopted and didn’t know my ‘blood line’). And, don’t get me started on the jokes about abandonment issues! This doesn’t sound like much when committed to paper but believe me growing up with being teased, something that was considered normal, is disempowering and it hurts! Read more