Experts say more education needed for reproduction and adoption

This article was originally posted in The Daily Observer.

Two health care professionals have highlighted the need for citizens to be exposed to more education on the topics of adoption and reproductive health.

During a discussion on OBSERVER AM yesterday, the Chief Executive Officer of the US-based Donaldson Adoption Institute, April Dinwoodie, said that more cohesive laws are needed in order to encourage adoption services in Antigua & Barbuda.

“We think that uniformity of laws is critical. In the United States at this point in time, we have a variety of different kinds of laws and statutes that differ by state which makes it very confusing for both birth parents and adoptive parents as they navigate their options,” she said.

Dinwoodie also highlighted the challenges that people face when trying to find comprehensive statistics on adoption.

“Statistics on adoption are really challenging. There is no one place where every adoption is counted. We have everything from step parent adoption, single parent adoption, inter-country adoption and foster care adoption,” she said.

The CEO added that the main source for statistics on adoption has generally been foster care.

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