Ministry develops child welfare policy

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The Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection (MoGCSP), is working on a Child and Family Welfare Policy (CFW) to empower communities to have increased access to social, economic and psychological support for families who would need special assistance.

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The CFW on child protection had already been drafted to be submitted to Cabinet in August 2014.

When implemented, the policy would also enlighten communities to understand conditions that resulted in abusive situations, and ensure that communities are able to provide adequate support for children who suffer maltreatment and abuse.

Three key areas

Speaking during a discussion with the media on child panel protection organised by the MoGCSP in Accra last Monday, the Programme Officer of the Department of Children, MoGCSP, Mr Christopher Lartey, said the CFW would focus on three key areas which involved family-related challenges, child maltreatment and behaviour challenges. 

He said the emphasis of the CFW system was on prevention to ensure that issues affecting the welfare of children such as sexual abuse, child labour, unwanted pregnancy, substance abuse, domestic violence, drug trafficking, lack of family care, physical abuse and trafficking in the family, schools and community were minimised. 

Mr Lartey said that objective would be achieved through sensitisation workshops for communities, regular dialogue between social workers and the members of the various communities to strengthen their capacity. 

Involving the communities

The Technical Advisor on Children, MoGCSP, Mr Edmund Amarkwei Foley, said the CFW was a step towards involving communities in the combat of child abuse.

A research conducted by the ministry, he said, revealed that Ghanaians had a strong family system, norms and values which could be used in providing solutions to welfare issues at the community level.

“We need to find solutions to these problems through the family systems other than isolating victims of maltreatment and abuse,” he said.

Open Forum

During an open forum, members from the media who participated in the discussions pledged to work relentlessly for the policy to achieve the desired objective. They made a promise to educate the public on child maltreatment and other cases of abuse.

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