New state tax break proposed for Iowa parents who adopt

The legislature has voted to establish a new tax credit for Iowa parents who adopt a child. If the governor signs the bill into law, Iowans could claim a credit of up to $2500 per child for adoption-related expenses. Representative Chip Baltimore and his wife adopted a daughter and he urged his colleagues to pass the bill.

“I can personally attest due to the situation in my own family that adoption expenses can be very, very high,” Baltimore said recently when the bill was considered in the Iowa House.

“We spend a lot of time in this chamber talking about human services and providing for families. We spend a lot of time in this chamber talking about the rights of unborn children and I think it behooves all of us as we sit here and we talk about all these other areas to rally behind this bill, to make sure that those children that are born under circumstances which may be less than favorable in a biological or birth family, that we do all we can to provide them with a loving, caring home.”

The bill would allow the credit for expenses like legal fees and the medical bills for the birth mother.

“And home studies and all the other things that are out there that we try to do to make sure that children are placed into safe, loving homes –  it is oftentimes a very expensive proposition,” Baltimore said.

Baltimore’s wife, Diana, was adopted, too, and she founded the National Center for Adoption, a non-profit organization that promotes adoption and helps parents navigate the adoption process.  The Baltimore family lives in Boone.

The Iowa Senate voted 48-0 on Monday afternoon to approve the new $2500 income tax credit for adoptive parents.  The Iowa House approved the bill on a 95-1 vote on April 15.