Thank you for taking the time to learn all you can about openness in adoption and to incorporate this concept into your extended family of adoption. This curriculum has three parts: Exploring Openness in Adoption, Experiencing Openness in Adoption and Living Openness in Adoption. As you navigate each section, you will find audio and video clips, reflection questions and exercises.

This entire curriculum including the 1-hour documentary should take approximately seven hours. Each individual part should take two hours.

In an effort to make this important content available to more individuals, agencies and families, DAI is making “Openness in Adoption: What a Concept!” free for all who wish to access it.

User's Guide

As part of the Openness Curriculum, you will receive our User Guide which provides detailed information, key concepts, terms and exercises that will help guide you throughout the curriculum. You may download the User Guide here.

Part 1: Exploring Openness in Adoption

In this section, you will hear thoughts and feelings about openness in adoption, learn some history surrounding openness in adoption, review facts about openness in adoption, and learn about the definitions of the concept of openness in adoption.


Part 2: Experiencing Openness in Adoption

In this section, you will learn how to re-conceptualize openness within family relationship terms, explore strengths and challenges in building relationships between birth and adoptive families, and develop skills to live openness in adoption in a healthy and fulfilling way.


Part 3: Living Openness in Adoption

In this section, you will understand how different members of the extended family of adoption experience openness and review examples of different family experiences with openness.



Understanding Open Adoption,” a documentary co-produced by Rhondal McKinney and DAI and filmed/edited by Benjamin Howard-McKinney, features perspectives from adoption professionals and families who are experiencing open adoption.