Access to Original Birth Certificates

For The Records II: An Examination of the History and Impact of Adult Adoptee Access to Original Birth Certificates

This report reviews relevant judicial and legislative documents; of decades of research and other scholarly writing; and of the concrete experiences of states and countries that have either changed their laws to provide these documents or never sealed them at all.

Author: Jeanne Howard, Susan Smith and Georgia Deoudes

Published: July 2010

Adoption Registries and Intermediaries by State

This resource provides a state-by-state list of adoption registries and intermediaries for those who would like access to their information.


Published: January 2008

For the Records: Restoring a Right to Adult Adoptees

This study examines one of the most controversial, emotional issues in the modern adoption world: whether adopted people, once they become adults, should have access to their original birth certificates (OBCs). This report suggests that all states change their laws so that adopted adults are provided access to their OBCs.

Author: Madelyn Freundlich

Published: November 2007