Education for Media, Mental Health and School Professionals

Attitudes and Perceptions Among Adoption Professionals: Qualitative Research Report

This qualitative study explores the real-world perceptions and experiences of professionals such as social workers, lawyers and clinicians on a variety of issues within the adoption landscape.

Author: Galileo Research and Strategy Consultancy, LLC

Published: December 2016

A Need to Know: Enhancing Adoption Competence Among Mental Health Professionals

This report describes one of the most frequent complaints from members of adoptive and birth families: the inability to find psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and other practitioners who understand the unique adoption issues that can affect identities and relationships, recommending that mental health professionals receive more and better training to address the need for adoption clinical competence.

Author: David Brodzinsky

Published: August 2013

Adoptive Parent Preparation Project Phase I: Meeting the Mental Health and Developmental Needs of Adopted Children

Author: David Brodzinsky

Published: February 2008

Adoption in the Schools: A Lot to Learn

This report points out that more and more adoptive families are confronting challenges when their children attend school - and it offers recommendations for how educators can better meet those challenges.

Author: Susan Smith, Debbie Riley

Published: September 2006