From the desk of April Dinwoodie

Dear Friends,

June 26, 2015 will long be remembered as the day America took another giant step forward on the road to full equality for all of her citizens. On that day, the US Supreme Court held that marriage was a right to be enjoyed by everyone. It marked the triumph of love, human dignity and acceptance of difference over ignorance and fear. It gave validation and legal protection to millions of people in nontraditional families.

Even as the Court was deliberating its decision, corporate America was offering a validation of its own. Companies as diverse as Wells Fargo, J&J, Expedia and Zillow celebrated love and family in their advertising.

Families like these are at the heart of DAI’s work in one of our four pillars and that is why we have decided to focus attention on The Modern Family in our Summer Newsletter. Even with the Obergefell decision much work still needs to be done to make sure that LGBT families receive equal treatment in the adoption and foster care adoption world. As you will see below, much work remains and DAI will continue to advocate and educate in this area.

In a series of decisions over the last few years, the High Court has firmly and irrevocably established that LGBT people are full citizens of this country and though the struggle goes on for full acceptance we think the time is right to turn to the next great area in need of a civil rights movement—the adoption community. Shouldn’t adopted persons have the same legal documents attesting to their birth as everyone else, and shouldn’t they have full access to them? Shouldn’t the rights of birth parents be respected equally in all 50 states? Shouldn’t adoptive families be treated with the same dignity as all other Modern Families? For us at DAI, the answers to all of these are quite clear and we will be there in the months and years ahead to play our part on the road to #adoptreform.

Just as family and country are evolving so too is DAI. In order to meet the challenges faced by the adoption community today we are transforming to be better listeners and more effective advocates. Earlier this week, we announced a bold new vision for how we will undertake our work as well as some exciting additions and changes to our Board and staff and a new Council of Advisors. And this is just the beginning. I look forward to sharing an exciting initiative we are developing in the next Newsletter. Until then, I urge you to join me in celebrating the advances families have made and the hope for more to come.